5 Ideas for Decorating Your Home Office

by Vikas Goel 10/03/2021

Having a functional and comfortable workspace is essential for those who work from home. Even if you use your office for things other than work, a dedicated place to focus can be much more than purely utilitarian with the right design choices. Here are some ways to make your office a place where you can enjoy your work:

Quality Over Convenience

There are plenty of ways to decorate a room on a tight budget, but there are always areas where it can be worth it to splurge. The desk and chair in your home office are two pieces you should consider spending a little extra for. Most of your time in the office will use these two furnishings, making an item’s durability important. Quality office furniture can also have a noticeable effect on your physical health, making it reasonable justification for a higher price point.

Desk Placement Matters

Where you put your desk can have a profound effect on productivity, focus and overall feel of the room. If you have a window, try placing your desk so it faces it. Experts recommend this strategy so that you can enjoy the natural light (and the view) while avoiding screen glare on your computer. If your office doesn’t have a window, you can make the room feel more open by facing your desk out rather than in.

Stay Organized

Organization in the office is key to avoiding distraction and keeping the space comfortable. One of the biggest organization issues in offices is cable management. Luckily there are some great ways to clean up your cords and cables, including combining them with twist-ties and attaching straps or loops to the underside of the desk to keep them off the floor. For smaller cords like chargers and USB cables, have a dedicated drawer or basket for them so they’re nearby but out of your way.

Create Perfect Lighting

Regardless of whether you have a window in your office, your lighting choices make a vast difference. Task lighting on your desk can help give you more light where you need it most, while filling the room with lots of ambient light will help avoid both screen glare and eyestrain. Try floor lamps that diffuse and spread the light to every corner of the space. Combining ambient lighting with a stylish desk lamp is a great formula for perfect office lighting.

Make It Yours

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in a room, it’s crucial that you enjoy being in it. In trying to create focus and increasing productivity, it’s easy to make your home office feel bland or sterile. However, you can still add your personal style and add comfort to the room without causing distraction. Add a comfy armchair in the corner, display knickknacks on bookcases or put some of your favorite art on the walls. It’s possible (and simple) to create an office you enjoy working in.

These are just some basic pieces of advice for creating the best home office setup. The details will always depend on your preference and nothing is set in stone, so don’t be afraid to experiment in order to find out what makes the best work environment for you.

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