After the Party: Quick Cleanup Tips to Keep You Entertaining

by Vikas Goel 12/04/2022

Getting together with friends and family can be a very rewarding experience. Good food, great conversations, time well-spent with the ones you love and a chance to show off your home. However, when all the festivities are done, you’re often left with a mess you probably don’t want to contend with.

Here are 3 simple ways to minimize the after-gathering cleanup and help your home stay spotless.


Depending on whether you’ve opted for reusable cutlery and dishware, your dishwasher could reduce your cleaning time dramatically. Most washers can handle 2-3 sinks-worth of dishes. Another bonus to their overall capacity is the amount of water that you could save using your dishwasher. Not only will you save time, but your wallet may thank you for the added efficiency.

Clean Surfaces

Clean surfaces are another great way to keep yourself out of the cleaning cycle for longer than is absolutely necessary. While some may think you need to follow guests and pick up after them, simply removing things from a few surfaces could help you when the festivities are over.

Moving a few decorative items to another shelf or surface opens space for your guests to use to set their items down. After your event, you have a neat and targeted area that you can tidy with ease. No need to run around hunting for plates, napkins, cutlery and other dishes or drinkware. Then, simply wipe the surfaces and replace your decor.


While dishwashers save a lot of time, not all dwellings have them, or they may be out of order for the time being. Disposable plates, utensils, drinkware and napkins are all viable options. Given the advances in every-day consumer products, you have access to eco-friendly choices, if you’d prefer. Bamboo, recycled paper or compostable disposables are great options; and when you’re done, you’ll be able to clean up by simply tossing the disposables away.

Having gatherings is one advantage to your home. You and yours should be able to enjoy it and each other’s company without dreading the cleanup. Try these tips during your next get-together, and watch your cleaning time dwindle.

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