Outdoor living spaces: Portable & permanent gazebos

by Vikas Goel 08/20/2023

gazebo with flowers

Gazebos can be found in backyards and gardens across the globe. Both portable and permanent gazebos are elegant structures that can provide shade for a seating area or add architectural interest to an outdoor space. 

But what exactly is a gazebo, and how do the various types compare? Here are some key facts to know about gazebos:

What is a gazebo?

Gazebos are covered outdoor structures typically standing free from any obstruction and open to all. A gazebo has a covered roof for full protection against sun and rain, and the shingle pergola offers partial protection. 

In contrast, pergolas are usually planted with bushes or vines and placed along a path. Both can serve as accommodation for an enjoyable day, but gazebos offer greater protection from weather. 

Types of gazebos

Gazebos can be permanent or mobile. Permanent gazebos are found in gardens built over the years. Generally made of timber, plastic or composite materials, the shingles, shakes or metal roofs have a floor and are firmly fixed against wind or weather conditions. 

Portable gazebos typically contain metal pillars and fabric coverings, but no floors and no floorboards. They are usually positioned over the grilling area or on the patio for rain protection, but are easy to set up anywhere if necessary.

Style & size

Gazebos can host any sort of event – from games to lavish dinner parties. While typically inspired by Victorian-style pavilions, many modern designs can be found in backyards all over the world. 

Commercial pavilions are common in places like parks, and often intended to house weddings and parties. Consider supplying electrical electricity into the gazebo and putting up light bulbs or ceiling fans. They can both greatly influence gazebo use, particularly if it is rainy or at night.

Pros & cons of gazebos

A gazebo is an excellent investment. Permanent gazebos are an attractive addition to an outdoor space and can significantly boost your home value. However, they can come with large price tags, usually costing several thousands of dollars to build. 

Portable gazebos are much more affordable, but lack the same structural advantages as a permanent version. However, portable versions can be more practical for hosting events regardless of weather conditions.

Is a gazebo right for your yard or garden? Whether you go for a permanent or portable structure, you’ll enjoy the convenience and elegance of a timeless architectural element in your outdoor space.

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