Real Estate Terms You Should Know

by Vikas Goel 10/27/2019

Real estate is not only about buying and selling a property. It means many things and people ought to study it before getting involved with the market as an investor. If you are looking at real estate investing as a new career path, or perhaps you want to learn one or two things about the real estate market, you need to learn some real estate jargon. The following are some essential real estate investment terms you should know more about:

What is Cash Flow? 

The concept of cash flow is popular. Many people know how to make use of cash flow as a concept in their everyday lives. It affects our households and our career. In real estate, cash flow means the amount of money that goes in and out of business. It would help an individual determine if they could pay for his expenses and liabilities in the foreseeable future. The formula is simple: 

Cash flow means your gross income less any operating costs that you shell out for the business. In real estate, cash flow may mean the individual’s capacity to pay for the mortgage whenever it becomes due.

There is also the concept of capitalization. 

Capitalization means the cost of the property versus the income that the specific property produces after the expenses. 

This one involves the following aspects:

- How much you paid for the property.

- How much you spent on the property.

- How much you will ask for the property (also called the gross yield).

Some sellers have negative capitalization per property while others have a more positive one. This factor depends on the market.

The idea of depreciation and appreciation. 

Whenever you hear that a property value has appreciated, it means an increase in its value while whenever a property has depreciated; it means a decrease in the property value.

There are a plethora of ways you can learn more about the real estate market. If you want to join the market as an investor, the best way to do it is to arm yourself with more knowledge. If you are looking for more, contact a real estate professional today and engage in a conversation that will equip you with the knowledge you need to survive the market. 

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